sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

cuatro vistas de 20 x 30 cm

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  1. Adorei as formas e as cores! Magnifico.

  2. 15 minutes? I can´t believe an I´m deeply impressed! Greetings from Luzia.

  3. Big respect for painting them in so little time, Javi. I especially like your work when you combine hard and soft edges, so the lower two paintings are my favourites.
    You always capture such great shading in your paintings and are able to create whole works out of great contrast. I was wondering, do you paint en plain air or from good photo references?
    Would love to read a few words about how you work...
    Have a nice week, Jona

  4. javi these appeared as i was looking at the post below and your blog ... it's a joy to create a paint in 15 min these are excellent.. you have a beautiful style .

  5. Uno biù bello dell'altro! Un piacere per gli occhi di chi ammira questi quattro acquerelli. Impressionante il tempo di 15 minuti per ciascuno! Come dicono i francesi : chapeau! Bravissimo, Javi.

  6. I completely agree that the exact time is irrelevant and I guess we did understood you just wanted to point out it was a fast process.
    But at the same time I do think that the amount of time you spend is one of the key points of success of your paintings in my opinion. I mean, talking for myself, if I compare the results of my paintings, there is a big difference of how much better results I do get when I "let it go" and paint more freely and without overdoing a painting. So being able to work very spontaneously as you do, I think is a big advantage.
    Thank you very much for posting the steps of your work in progress. Very much appreciated.
    Nice greetings, Jona

  7. Gracias Cacau y Skizo por la visita y el amable comentario.
    Luzia y Jane, gracias, pero en realidad eran más de 25 minutos en cada una, fue un error poner el tiempo que necesite si haberlo medido, pintando se va el tiempo volando, lo siento.
    Muchas gracias TITO, tus comentarios siempre animan.
    Hola Jona, estoy de acuerdo completamente contigo, es cierto que el tiempo a la hora de pintar acuarelas es decisiva ya que la humedad va cambiando constantemente y de eso depende mucho el resultado.Intentaré comentar de vez en cuando como pinto las acuarelas, pero tiene poco secreto, mucha agua, amarillo, rojo y azul un tono general para la atmósfera e intensidad y color en las sombras.
    saludos a todos y gracias por las visitas

  8. Thank you for the additional tips. I hope I'll be able to use them properly myself one day soon, too. ;)
    Nice greetings.


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